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Hit the ground running with an all-in-one platform

Automate your CRM with a certified preferred CRM partner. Focus your time on generating revenue, not implementing your CRM alone. The Automation Company CRM experts help you make the most of your CRM purchase faster.

CRM Solutions CRM Solutions

Get Your CRM Up and Running in 60 Days or Less

Everyone HubSpot onboarding process is different. We fine-tune your onboarding plan to match your business needs and timeline. No implementation is to complex. The Automation Company specializes in complex tech stack integration, difficult data migrations, and custom designs.

The Strategy

We map out your entire go-to-market strategy prior to implementing. This helps ensure no process gets left behind.

The Audit

A full technical discovery of your tech stack to inform us on what integrations, customizations, and migrations fit your needs.

The Implementation

A 60 day project plan that ensures your HubSpot is running smoothly and has everything needed for long-term success.

The Support

Even the best HubSpot engines need maintenance. We are HubSpot mechanics – ensure your CRM is primed and ready!

Ready to Automate Your Business?

Get onboarded quickly with true CRM experts so you can focus on revenue growth.

CRM Onboarding At Your Pace

CRM OnboardingTAC BasicTAC Premium
Kickoff (from purchase)10 Days7 Days3 Days
Meeting Cadence2 WeeksBi-WeeklyWeekly
Training TypeGuidanceGuidance + Playbooks + Training Full Implementation + Training
Migrations*None1 DatasetUp to 5 Datasets
Third-Party IntegrationsNone5 IntegrationsUp to 15 Integrations
Custom Integrations (API)NoneNoneUp to 5 Custom APIs
AutomationsNone1 Automation + Training5 Automations
Completion3 Objectives Over 90 Days3 Objectives Over 60 Days5 Objectives Over 90 Days

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Depending on your needs and the level of effort, it will take between 4-8 weeks.

  • Success Engineer - This is the person responsible for understanding your go-to-market strategy, system design, as well as training.
  • Automation Consultant - This is the person responsible for implementing the design created by the success engineer and overseeing all the technical setup.
  • Onboarding - You will be connected to our dedicated HubSpot representative to map out your custom onboarding
  • Checklist - You will complete a checklist to make sure we have access to tools and systems required for a successful onboarding
  • Strategy - Together we will coordinate the first step of onboarding, which is Strategy.

We allow business owners and teams to focus on growing their business while we implement and onboard Hubspot to help you make the most of your time. We will speed up the time it takes for your HubSpot to be ready to use, and your team can onboard and hit the ground running without the learning curve. You don't have to take a backseat on your business.  


Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:


  • Do you have the knowledge to do it yourself?
  • Do you have the time to do it yourself?
  • Do you want to pay a full time employee to manage it?
  • While there is no requirement to continue using us, our goal is to do such a great job that you never want to get rid of us.  The reality is your business is unique and dynamic and your Hubspot instance needs to be managed to accommodate the agility of your business.  
  • With our managed HubSpot services, we serve as your all in one solution for sales, marketing and service.