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Frequently Asked Questions  

Automation helps you streamline your marketing and sales efforts and nurture leads more effectively. We can set up automated messages to users based on predetermined behavior triggers. For example, if a potential customer views website pages related to a specific line of business but exits the website without converting, the marketing automation platform will send an automated message to the user to reminding them how easy it is to get started.

Yes absolutely. Our partner plan is for white labeling, or if you’d prefer to refer your clients you can become a Referral Partner or join our network of specialists.

When first getting started with marketing automation, determine the routine marketing activities your company participates in on a daily basis. This includes posting on social media, social media engagement, research, emails, track analytics, and project management. All of these tasks can be pre-scheduled and automated to save time and maximize efficiency.

The simple answer: yes. The more complicated answer: yes and no.

Marketing automation offers a platform to plan, analyze, schedule, and post content on social media. The process allows marketers to automate their repetitive and tedious marketing efforts well in advance. But besides the initial posting, all secondary content should be posted in real-time, such as comments or replies.

All of us at The Automation Company are big believers in email marketing campaigns, as all small businesses should be. Unlike social media platforms, emails are personal and individualized to your most loyal consumers. The email content is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in and have agreed to receive email communications from your company. Emails allow you to communicate directly with your audience, which can turn an interested user into an active consumer.

We’ve invested heavily in systems and training our team, we stick to our support platforms that we know well. And if you ever have a business need that is outside our scope we will let you know and refer you to trusted companies when possible.

A buyer persona is a fictional consumer that represents a brand’s target audience. The persona possesses all the characteristics of the company’s ideal customer, including demographic, interests, and behavior. A buyer persona helps brands better understand their customer’s needs, experiences, challenges, and goals, in order to better market to and serve them.

In order to determine whether or not marketing automation is being used correctly and effectively, brands need to track a variety of metrics. Activity metrics, such as number of emails sent and quality behavioral triggers, allows brands to understand if they are using the automation software to its full potential. Response metrics, such as open rate, click-through rate, site traffic, and unsubscribe rate, gives brands an indication of how well the automation is resonating with the audience. Efficiency and Value metrics both serve to show brands if the automation is worth the time and cost – these metrics include cost per customer, revenue generated, cost of investment, and close rate on leads.

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