The Automation Company played a key role in launching Shield Security and Training Solutions’ online presence, providing a comprehensive package of web development, SEO, and Google Advertising services.

Client Background

Shield Security and Training Solutions, a startup in the security and training industry, needed expert assistance in crafting an impactful online identity. Their unique blend of services necessitated a dynamic and informative website that could appeal to a diverse audience.


Starting from scratch, Shield Security and Training Solutions required a multifaceted strategy to make their mark in a highly competitive industry. They needed a website that would professionally represent their brand and services, coupled with a robust online visibility strategy to reach and attract potential clients.


The Automation Company worked closely with Shield Security and Training Solutions to understand their unique needs and values. We developed a tailored, user-friendly website that effectively highlighted their extensive range of services and core values. Furthermore, to enhance their online visibility and reach potential clients effectively, we provided targeted SEO services and orchestrated strategic Google Advertising campaigns.


Shield Security and Training Solutions have made a strong start in their digital journey, seeing impressive improvements in their online reach and client engagement. Here’s a glance at the metrics:

1 %

increase in website traffic

1 %

growth in online inquiries

1 %

increase in click-through rate from Google Ads

1 %

increase in keyword rankings in search engine results

The comprehensive strategy of website development, SEO, and Google Advertising led to substantial progress in online visibility and lead generation. These results illustrate how the combination of a dynamic website, effective SEO, and targeted Google Advertising can catalyze a startup’s online growth.


Starting from a blank canvas, Shield Security and Training Solutions now boasts a solid online presence that effectively communicates their range of services and brand ethos. At The Automation Company, we’re thrilled to have played a part in this exciting journey and continue to support them in their digital endeavors.

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