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The Automation Company helped Natural Healing Center amplify their online presence by developing an informative and interactive website, and further optimizing it for better visibility on search engines.

Client Background

Natural Healing Center, run by Dr. Rodney Russell, is a holistic healthcare center offering a diverse range of services aimed at improving health and wellness. However, their initial web presence failed to adequately portray the breadth of their services and the unique value they bring to their clients.


Natural Healing Center faced a dual challenge – their existing website didn’t adequately represent their extensive suite of services, and their online visibility needed a significant boost. The website wasn’t sufficiently informative or engaging, resulting in missed opportunities to attract and retain potential clients. Furthermore, in the crowded digital healthcare space, Natural Healing Center struggled to gain prominence due to a lack of targeted SEO efforts.


The Automation Company took on the task of transforming Natural Healing Center’s online presence. We developed a new, user-friendly website that effectively showcases their extensive range of services, along with detailed explanations to help potential clients understand the benefits. To improve online visibility and reach, we implemented targeted SEO strategies, enhancing their search engine ranking and driving more organic traffic to the site.


Following our intervention, Natural Healing Center now boasts a comprehensive and engaging website, leading to enhanced client interaction and improved online visibility. Here’s a snapshot of the progress:

1 %

increase in online inquires for services

1 %

growth in organic website traffic

1 %

reduction in customer acquisition costs

1 %

increase in time spent on the website by visitors

The redevelopment of their website and effective SEO implementation led to tangible improvements in client engagement and web traffic. These metrics demonstrate the improved user experience and enhanced visibility accomplished through our web development and SEO services.


By revitalizing their website and executing effective SEO strategies, Natural Healing Center has successfully broadened their online reach and effectively communicates their full range of services. The Automation Company is proud to have played a part in this transformation and looks forward to supporting Natural Healing Center in their future endeavors.

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