Discover how The Automation Company’s expert marketing, RevOps, and web design solutions propelled Marketing Career Hub to a new level of engagement, enhancing career opportunities for marketers across the globe.

Client Background

Marketing Career Hub is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting marketers with career discovery, training resources, and thought leadership. Their mission is to create a vibrant community where marketers can grow, learn, and succeed in their professional journey.


Despite their noble mission and dedicated team, Marketing Career Hub struggled with reaching their audience effectively, optimizing their marketing operations, and establishing a strong, inviting online presence that resonated with their commitment to career growth and learning in the marketing field.


The Automation Company teamed up with Marketing Career Hub to create a personalized marketing strategy, streamline their marketing operations, and build an engaging, user-friendly website. Additionally, we took charge of their social media management to broaden their reach and facilitate more impactful connections.


Our collaboration with Marketing Career Hub brought forth significant results, demonstrated by these compelling metrics:

1 %

 increase in website traffic

1 %

uplift in social media engagement

1 %

growth in member sign-ups

1 %

boost in resource downloads

These impressive improvements in website traffic, social engagement, member registration, and resource utilization together contributed to Marketing Career Hub’s growth, extending their reach and influence in the marketing community.


The Automation Company’s customized approach to marketing, RevOps, web design, and social media management has been instrumental in helping Marketing Career Hub connect with more marketers and provide them with the resources to thrive in their careers. Are you ready to elevate your organization and make a larger impact? Contact us today and let’s start making a difference together.

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