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Determined to surpass market competition, VRM Lending sought to revolutionize their digital presence through comprehensive web development, SEO, PPC, and copywriting strategies.

Client Background

VRM Lending, a dedicated mortgage service provider, helps customers navigate the complexities of mortgage lending with their unique blend of personalized services and cutting-edge technology.


In the heart of the pandemic, VRM Lending was up against a unique set of challenges brought about by the global situation. The historically low interest rates resulted in an unprecedented demand for home loans, but reaching out to potential clients and ensuring smooth communication proved a serious hurdle. The abrupt shift from traditional in-person consultations to a heavy reliance on online interactions necessitated a robust and engaging online presence. However, VRM Lending’s existing website wasn’t equipped to effectively attract and retain this new influx of online clients. Coupled with intensified competition in the mortgage industry as more lenders transitioned to digital operations, VRM Lending found itself in need of a standout online identity amidst a crowded digital space.



In response, The Automation Company delivered a comprehensive, multi-faceted solution. Our first order of business was to revamp VRM Lending’s website, enhancing its performance and user-friendliness to accommodate the influx of online visitors. We then rolled out a robust SEO strategy, ensuring VRM Lending had a strong digital presence and stood out in search engine results. This was complemented by targeted PPC campaigns to expand reach and enhance lead generation. Simultaneously, we leveraged our graphic design and copywriting expertise to communicate VRM Lending’s value proposition consistently, compellingly, and creatively across all platforms. Through this integrated approach, we were able to transform VRM Lending’s online identity and position them for success amidst the new digital norm.


Our tailored solutions enabled VRM Lending to achieve significant progress across all digital frontiers. Here are some of the key metrics:

1 %

increase in organic website traffic

1 %

increase in website conversion rate

1 %

boost in clicks from Google Ads campaigns

1 %

increase in overall leads generated

This upsurge in performance metrics demonstrated how our tailored solutions could drive tangible business results, solidifying VRM Lending’s online presence and broadening its customer reach.


By entrusting The Automation Company with their digital marketing needs, VRM Lending was able to not only improve their online visibility but also attract a higher number of quality leads. This strategic partnership allowed VRM to focus on their core competency of providing excellent mortgage services, knowing their digital marketing needs were in good hands.

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