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Discover how The Automation Company’s bespoke marketing, RevOps, and web design solutions revitalized Desert Rain Skin’s online presence and stimulated remarkable business growth.

Client Background

Desert Rain Skin is a skincare brand dedicated to providing natural, high-quality products that harness the power of desert botanicals. Their unique formulas cater to a wide range of skin types and concerns, emphasizing sustainability, purity, and effectiveness.


Despite their innovative product line and dedication to quality, Desert Rain Skin faced hurdles in reaching their target audience, optimizing their RevOps processes, and establishing an engaging online presence that effectively showcased their brand and product offerings.


The Automation Company collaborated with Desert Rain Skin to create a tailored marketing strategy, streamline their RevOps framework, and redesign their website to deliver an immersive user experience that emphasized their commitment to natural, effective skincare solutions.


The partnership between Desert Rain Skin and The Automation Company blossomed with impressive results, as evidenced by these striking metrics:

1 %

increase in website traffic

1 %

growth in product sales

1 %

reduction in cart abandonment rate

1 %

increase in customer retention

The significant improvements in website traffic, product sales, cart abandonment reduction, and customer retention collectively contributed to Desert Rain Skin’s flourishing growth and reinforced their position as an emerging leader in the natural skincare market.


The Automation Company’s expertise in marketing, RevOps, and web design has proven to be the perfect blend for Desert Rain Skin’s success, enabling them to thrive in a competitive industry and delight more customers with their unique products. Are you ready to nurture your business’s growth and cultivate your own success story? Contact us today and let’s begin sowing the seeds of your future achievements.

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