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Explore how The Automation Company’s innovative marketing, RevOps, and web design solutions empowered the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services to expand their reach and amplify their impact on the financial services industry.

Client Background

The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, CIFS works tirelessly to foster a more equitable and representative industry that benefits businesses, employees, and consumers alike.


Despite their noble mission and commitment to change, CIFS faced obstacles in effectively communicating their message, optimizing their RevOps processes, and maintaining a compelling online presence that resonated with their target audience and potential supporters.


The Automation Company partnered with CIFS to develop a strategic marketing plan, streamline their RevOps framework, and redesign their website to enhance user experience and clearly convey the organization’s vision, goals, and impact.


The collaboration between CIFS and The Automation Company yielded remarkable results, as demonstrated by these impressive metrics:

1 %

increase in website traffic

1 %

growth in membership registrations

1 %

increase in event attendance

1 %

expansion in partner organizations

These substantial improvements in website traffic, membership growth, event attendance, and partnerships collectively contributed to CIFS’s ongoing success and furthered their mission of promoting diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry.


The Automation Company’s tailored approach to marketing, RevOps, and web design has proven invaluable for CIFS, enabling them to broaden their influence and catalyze meaningful change in the financial services sector. Are you ready to elevate your organization and make a lasting impact? Reach out to us today and let’s begin forging your path to success.

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