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Explore how The Automation Company’s innovative marketing, and RevOps solutions catapulted VHSDNA to the forefront of the retro media revival movement.

Client Background

VHSDNA is a unique business specializing in the digitization and preservation of VHS content. They offer a range of services, including VHS-to-digital conversion, video restoration, and personalized DVD creation, catering to nostalgia enthusiasts and those seeking to preserve their cherished memories.


VHSDNA faced difficulties in reaching their target audience, refining their RevOps strategy, and creating a captivating online presence that effectively showcased their specialized services.


The Automation Company collaborated with VHSDNA to develop a targeted marketing campaign, optimize their RevOps processes, and create a strong online presence that highlighted their expertise in the retro media space.


Our partnership with VHSDNA produced outstanding results, as demonstrated by these remarkable metrics:

1 %

increase in monthly website traffic

1 %

growth in customer acquisition rates

1 %

reduction in customer churn rate

1 %

increase in overall sales

The enhancements in website traffic, customer acquisition, customer retention, and sales performance collectively propelled VHSDNA’s growth and solidified their position as a go-to source for retro media preservation and digitization.


The Automation Company’s skillful approach to marketing and RevOps  enabled VHSDNA to thrive in a niche market and create a loyal customer base. Are you prepared to revolutionize your business and achieve extraordinary success? Get in touch with us today and let’s embark on your transformation journey.

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