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All About Sales Automation  

Maximizing your profits and enhancing your selling processes is simpler than ever with the help of sales automation software.

The truth is that sales automation will benefit your entire company in many different ways. Customers will have a better experience, sales reps will have better quality leads and data, and the company as a whole can increase revenue while lowering output cost.

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Ready to learn how? Let’s dive into the reasons why sales automation is so effective in growing your business and streamlining your sales department.

Automation frees up time by handing non-customer-facing activities

Did you know that about one-third of sales tasks can be automated? If sales reps are responsible for handling every part of the sales process, they’re likely to feel overworked, stressed, and burnt out. Customers would also face negative effects – like long response times or no responses at all.

If automation is responsible for guiding leads through initial communications, tracking activities, and analyzing data – think of the time that could free up for your team. Plus, it sets up reps to get the highest probability of success. By the time a rep interacts with a customer, the lead has been analyzed, organized, and assigned to the right rep for the job.

All of the data sorting would take a human hours and hours of meticulous work, and things would still slip through the cracks. Sales automation platforms can get the most efficient results in just a few minutes.

Now, how should sales reps be using their freed-up time, you ask? Great question!

While many tasks can be automated, nothing can truly take the place of skilled, human interaction. So, to optimize the sales process, sales reps should really focus their attention on tasks that require skill, thinking, and negotiation. Your sales reps were hired for their talent in these areas. With automation, they get the chance to focus attention on tasks they excel in and do their best work for the company.

This also means less burnout and fatigue for your sales team.  

The buyer’s journey can be long and winding for potential customers, but eventually they will reach the point of being almost ready to purchase. At this point, after automation has led them through all the right twists and turns, it becomes the sales rep’s time to close. The cool thing is, the reps now have tons of information about the person they’ll be speaking to, because of the data collection and sorting done automatically before this step.

Automation leaves less room for human error.

Now, let’s be realistic here — even the most skilled, attentive sales rep is subject to human error. Mistakes just happen. Sometimes humans get bored, distracted, or over-worked, and leads or tasks slip through the cracks.  

If the tasks are especially tedious and repetitive, mistakes are even more likely to happen, because it’s hard for us humans to stay perfectly precise on anything. You don’t want these small errors adding up and costing your company revenue from lost sales or bad reviews.

Sales automation software can perform the same exact tasks faster and with far more efficiency.  This can save your company costly mistakes from human error while getting even more done in even less time. You can also rest assured that automation software won’t ever get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

You won’t get any complaints about tedious tasks…ever.

Automation boosts revenue and reduces cost.

The job of the sales department is to, well, make sales! So, we can’t discuss automation without getting to how it can increase your company’s revenue while decreasing the overhead costs.

Less manual work for the sales team and automated systems leads to more leads, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more sales. Putting your low-value tasks in the hands of effective technology saves you from having to hire many, many more employees to handle low value tasks.

Also, with the sorting of data and buyer’s journey communication, more potential buyers are successfully turned into customers. Leads that would normally be forgotten about are automatically reached out to after long periods of time – resulting in decreasing your number of lost leads.

Automation keeps the entire sales team on point.

A solid sales team knows how to prioritize communication, collaboration, and attention to detail. With the help of sales automation, every single calendar update, reminder, and approval request happens quickly to keep the entire team on the same page.

When sales reps know where to put their focus and attention with scheduling reminders, they can feel confident in never missing an appointment or call. Automation can help streamline your team’s processes to facilitate the smoothest workflow possible, creating the best working environment for everyone.

Happy employees lead to more sales. More sales leads to success and expansion for your company.  

Are you ready to discuss how sales and marketing automation can benefit your business? The Automation Company can answer any questions you might have, and set you on the path towards a smoother, more efficient marketing.

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