Celebrating Women's History Month: Spotlight on Diversity in Leadership (Part 2: Powering Innovation)  

Director of Client Success Spotlight: Katie Hernandez

Continuing our Women’s History Month series, we celebrate Katie Hernandez, our Director of Client Success. Katie’s story exemplifies the power of diversity in leadership and her passion for building strong teams.

Cultural Background Shaping Leadership

Growing up in South Florida, Katie was immersed in a vibrant mix of cultures. This experience instilled in her a deep appreciation for diversity and a strong work ethic.

Here’s how her background shapes her leadership:

  • “Having a melting pot of cultures around me…imparted on me a healthy work ethic, where I can confidently face challenges and find solutions using all of my skills.”
  • “I endeavor to embody the same spirit of servant leadership everyday, to champion each of my team member’s strengths…”


Witnessing Change in Tech

Reflecting on her career, Katie recalls being one of the only women in her early computer science classes. However, she acknowledges the positive shift in female representation within tech leadership roles. She credits inspiring mentors, like Ms. Charters, who encouraged her to pursue her passion for technology.

Challenges and Support

Katie acknowledges the challenges women in leadership positions can face, particularly balancing work and personal life. For her, finding a supportive team was crucial. The Automation Company’s culture allows her to be fully present in both roles, thanks to a strong support system within her team and beyond.

Challenge: “Finding your tribe can be tricky, but you will know them once you have.”

Solution: “Having the right team in place that establishes and fosters a culture of support and genuine interest for one another…”


Promoting Women in Tech

Katie applauds The Automation Company’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). She highlights the company’s recognition as the 2023 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Global HEART Award recipient by HubSpot. Katie emphasizes the importance of fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared freely and everyone feels heard. She believes her own professional growth is a testament to the opportunities available at The Automation Company.

“The Automation Company is currently doing an exceptional job at putting in the work everyday with regards to all of the above, and I say that with pride. There is a great work-life balance. We were just honored by our partners at HubSpot as The 2023 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Global HEART Award recipient…”


Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders

Katie’s advice to aspiring women leaders is to embrace their authenticity. She encourages them to share their experiences, knowledge, and energy. Don’t be afraid to speak up and contribute your unique perspective, it might be exactly what the team needs. Embrace your strengths, but also possess the humility to seek help when needed.

“Don’t be afraid of being your authentic self. Bring your experience, your knowledge, your insights, energy and ambition…”

“Embrace what makes you unique, have the confidence to own what you know and the humility to ask for help when you need it.”

Katie Hernandez embodies the spirit of a supportive leader who thrives in a diverse environment. Her journey and advice serve as an inspiration to women pursuing leadership roles in tech.

Stay tuned for future installments of our Women’s History Month blog series, where we will spotlight more of the amazing women who make The Automation Company a great place to work!

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