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New HubSpot Products & Features That Will Make Your Sales Team Smile  

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So when new sales products and features were announced at INBOUND 2023 (HubSpot’s annual conference), we jumped at the opportunity to give our take on it. 

HubSpot’s upcoming changes will impact your ability to be more productive and effective at your job, from prospecting leads to closing deals. 

These new products and features speak to today’s changing economy and job market, affecting how you do business. You may have experienced tighter budgets and a need to be as efficient as possible with the tools you have. Specifically, these updates within HubSpot’s Sales Hub help you find prospects more effectively and scale thoughtfully

Here are the Sales Hub products and features relevant to your business. 


Getting Smarter With Daily Sales Tasks

A new prospecting workspace helps sales teams to work more effectively while engaging their leads. It brings all of the daily to-dos and sales tools in one place. It’s an easy way to manage daily tasks and capture the entire prospecting experience in a central location. This includes new or urgent activities that inevitably require attention.  

The most important part about the workspace is that it keeps a pulse on leads and where they are in the sequence, whether new or warm. 

Justin Crawford, CEO of The Automation Company, further explains, “The new prospecting workspace promises a seamless integration of all the essential tools, reducing the gap between lead acquisition and conversion. Its centralized nature can prove pivotal for sales teams by helping them prioritize and optimize their outreach efforts.”

Prospecting Workspace

Organizing Your Day and Your Deals

The workspace offers more control and flexibility over your day and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. The prospecting workspace may also be the solution to having two dozen browsers open on your laptop!  

You can: 

  • Create a tailored sequence and automate that process at scale
  • Manage steps such as automating emails, calls, and other touchpoints
  • Correlate your sequences to align with your company’s business goals (which helps you understand the impact) 
  • A/B test to figure out what works best for segments

Like your daily to-dos, it’s now easier to keep track of your pipeline through HubSpot’s deal inspection. This bird’s eye view helps you organize your deals quickly. 

You can see an overview of the recent touchpoints and other engagements helping drive that particular deal—and you don’t have to open a brand new page to view it. You can do this while staying on the same page. That way, you can quickly see which deals are most urgent. 

Revenue growth on one page in HubSpot

Crawford notes, “The streamlined view of the deal inspection feature is certainly a game-changer. Having a concise overview without diving into separate pages can save valuable time, allowing sales teams to strategize and respond with agility.”

Better Way to Manage and Qualify Leads 

This area in the Sales Hub will improve your ability to keep tabs on your leads automatically. Your leads can now move automatically through stages each time you connect with them. You’ll notice a breakdown of the engagement stages from “New” to “Bad timing.” When prospects respond to an email or any other touchpoint, HubSpot automatically moves them to “Connected.” It’s a helpful way to get granular with your sales qualification process so you’re not wasting time. 

prospecting call history

You can also manage your leads more efficiently on the go. Whether you engage through an email or meet prospects at a conference and scan their QR-code business card (VCard), you can input their contact information directly into HubSpot with your mobile phone. 

Then, you can quickly enroll the leads into a sequence from your phone. 

Crawford again: “The ability to manage and enroll leads in this way is invaluable. This enhancement not only speeds up the lead engagement process but also offers unparalleled flexibility to sales teams.”

Final Thoughts

CRM and marketing automation platforms constantly evolve, and we understand it’s unrealistic to stay on top of every change. After all, you’re busy operating your business, solving problems, and making revenue-driven decisions—we get it. 

HubSpot is a big part of The Automation Company, and because of that, we’re in tune with changes, updates, and new releases. Because we use it ourselves and for our clients, we understand how HubSpot’s products and features are relevant to the end user—you

This is part of our HubSpot Flight School series—to help get your HubSpot off the ground. Check out the new updates and changes for yourself on HubSpot, and look out for our next blog. We’ll cover HubSpot’s updates in analytics and reporting so you can better understand and improve your lead and engagement efforts. 

If you have questions about these updates or want to learn more about how we can help you, contact our team today

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