The Benefits of Marketing Automation  

When it comes to growing your business, marketing automation is one of the most useful tools you will find.

women discussing lead scoring and marketing automation

Not only does automation save you money in overhead marketing costs, but it also increases your overall return. In fact, 76% of marketers report a higher ROI within a year of implementing marketing automation platforms. In many cases, the results come in even less time.

Does that make you a bit curious what the fuss is all about? You’re in the right place!

If you aren’t already, it might be time to consider incorporating a cost-efficient way to help your business scale and succeed. We’re here to walk you through all the ways automation is changing the marketing game – big time.

First of all…what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is technology and software that assume control of a certain process. Now, in normal people terms – marketing automation uses software to complete repetitive marketing tasks for your business (think: funnels, lead generation, etc).

Any growing business relies on processes for things like nurturing clients, crafting emails, customer support, invoicing, payroll operations, scheduling appointments, etc. The list really could go on and on. Once you find a way that works, the goal is then to replicate it automatically every time that task occurs. 

If you value efficiency and growth, marketing automation is a must for your company. It frees up your marketing team’s precious time, so they can focus where they’re needed the most – like creating new content and strategies. Let’s look at 4 of the main benefits of marketing automation for your company:

the benefits of marketing automation 

1. Save tons of time on repetitive tasks.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “time is money,” right? Well, in that case, marketing automation can help you make lots and lots of money. You see, so many of the daily tasks for your business happen many times per day. How much time could you and your team be saving if those repetitive tasks happen automatically?

Tons. The answer is tons of time.

Now, we get it. Some people might say they prefer a personal touch in marketing rather than relying on automation. But in reality, automation creates more space for employees to excel in their assigned roles. Marketing professionals can focus on the work they actually enjoy, when their time and energy gets freed up with the help of automation.

Instead of mindlessly inputting data, your team is now able to  work on creative tasks or business strategy. Not only is this better for the company as a whole, but it also leads to more work satisfaction.

If every member of your team could put their energy into work that requires their unique expertise, you’ll end up with higher productivity and more engaged employees.

It’s a win-win!

2. Create better lead nurturing.

Think of the time it takes to fully nurture each and every potential customer. With different wants, needs, and timelines, not everyone becomes a buyer the first (or even tenth) time they come across your business.

Some of those leads will turn into loyal customers, but of course, many of them won’t. So, if your marketing team is spending lots of time leading each person through the right nurturing sequences, ads, and messages, not all of that time will result in a purchase. When you think of it that way, it doesn’t quite make sense to focus employee attention in those areas, does it?

But, with marketing automation, your potential leads can be led through an effective nurturing journey from start to finish. Then, you get the upside of a higher ROI from the leads that become customers, and there’s no downside from those who don’t!

3. Streamline workflow and processes for a better customer experience.

We’re living in the age of immediacy — as in, businesses that don’t respond immediately might be losing customers daily. If you’re relying on individual responses to customer inquiries, some people may just move on if they have to wait even a little while. 

But with automation, customers can get answers almost as quickly as they can think of them! This allows people to feel seen and valued – which leads to more sales and customer loyalty.  

You can set up your automations to be triggered by any action your customer takes. They click a button, they get support. The result is a very happy potential customer who is now ready to move forward in the buyer’s journey.

4. Harness the power of data for personalization.

Marketing automation relies on data to make each individual customer’s journey as personalized as possible. There are endless amounts of data floating around about each customer. Automation allows data to be stored, sorted, and used to guide people along their own journey towards a purchase.  

It might sound robotic and impersonal, but automation is actually the opposite.

Much of the useful data would be lost in cyberspace if not for automation processes. Plus, customers enjoy feeling special when marketing materials are directed towards their actual needs. So, the data collected makes them feel welcomed and cared for.

This also gives you a richer, more detailed look at customer behavior. Knowing more about your customers means offering them better quality products or services and a better overall experience with your company.

When it comes time for customers to interact with an employee, the groundwork has already been laid. Sales reps are set up for success before even getting on the phone. Marketing automation sets the tone for a higher level of customer care and success. 

Are you ready to start using marketing automation to grow and scale your business, while saving yourself time and money? The Automation Company is ready to help. Contact us here to set your business up for success!

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